Direct Mobiles

Direct Mobiles

Direct Mobiles offers the latest mobile phones on new contracts and upgrades with great deals. They also have a wide range of SIM free, pay as you go phones, accessories and more.

Summary of Offers at Direct Mobiles

Online Cashback at Direct Mobiles

Earn Various with online purchases! Earn Cashback

Get the following cashback - £12.50 on Other Phones over £27, other Phones under £27, Samsung S6 £27 or below, Samsung S6 over £27, Samsung S6 Edge Over £27, Samsung S6 Edge £27 or below, Samsung S7 Tariffs £32.50 or above, Samsung S7 Tariffs £32.49 or below, Samsung Galaxy S7 £39.99 p/m Deal, Samsung S7 Tariffs £32.50 or above Edge, iPhone 6s 10GB £44.99 QC.

£2.50 on Sim Only - 12 Month over £16, Sim Only - 12 Month under £16, Plusnet SIM Only. 50p on Sim Only - 30 Days, Mobile Broadband SIMO, Flex 30 Day Sim Only.

£15 on 24 month tablet and mobile Wi-Fi Data Plans, iPhone 6 £27 & under, iPhone 6 £27.01 & over, iPhone 6plus £27 & under, iPhone 6plus £27.01 & over, iPhone 6s £27 & under, iPhone 6s £27.01 & over, iPhone 6splus £27 & under, iPhone 6splus £27.01 & over, iPhone 6s & 6s Plus £42+ pltd, iPhone 6s 10GB £44.99 QC, Samsung S7 Tariffs £32.49 or below Edge, Plusnet Pay Monthly.

£10 on 12 month Pay Monthly plan.

£5 on 12 Month SIMO Promo, 30 day Tablet and Mobile Wifi Data Plans.

£17.50 on iPhone7, iPhone7 Plus, Samsung S8, Samsung S8 Plus, Exclusive SIMO, iPhone8, iPhone8 Plus, iPhoneX, Samsung S9, Samsung S9 Plus.

£7.50 on Plusnet SIMO 30 day max, £20.50 on Exclusive SIMO Max, 1% of Net Sales Amount on Pay as you go, Sim Free, 3.5% of Net Sales Amount on Accessories.

Please note: Cashback will not be paid for iPhone6s £34.99

Deal of the Week

-   Save more using extra cashback!   Up to 0.75% Cashback

Extra cashback until 12th June.

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