Local Authorities in UK

Local Government or Local Authority is a collective term used to represent administrative authorities over an area that is smaller than a state. The power of the Local Government is delegated to it by the directives of the higher level of the government. The Local Government of one country is totally different from the other country.

Local Government in United Kingdom, which comprises of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have different system from one and another. There are 433 Local Authorities in UK in total, which comprises of 353 in England, 32 in Scotland, 22 in Wales and 26 in Northern Ireland.

The following links have been collected to give you the complete resource about the Local Authorities of UK. To begin with,

Beginners Guide to Local Authorities in England

There has been a significant change in the working of the Local Authorities in the UK. This has been mainly done to modernise and streamline administrative and political functions to create a bond with the people. To know about the organisation of Local Authorities of England just click on,


Corporate and Local Government

Learn more about the department of Communities and Local Government from the below links.





Local Government Improvement and Development

The link given below discusses about the services, knowledge and networking principles of the Local Government.


Local Councils

Browse through the A to Z list to find for the principal local councils throughout the UK here,


Local leadership activities

The following link gives information about councillor workbooks, councillor mentoring, Charter for Member Development, Political skills framework and more.


The Local Government Act 1998 Regulations 1990

Details about the Local Government Act 1998 and Regulations 1990 can be got from the link given below.


About disrupted bin collections

Frustrated about the disrupted bins in your area? Then, visit the following link to get details about the Local Authority.


Careers in Local Government research

To know more about Local Government research jobs visit,



Careers prospects in government and public administration

The future trends in government and public administration can be known by visiting the following link.


Local Authority staff

To get links to information on the DWP website and other websites that are relevant to people who work in Local Authorities, visit,


UK Local Council Jobs

Click on the links given below to know about the leading job portal for advertisement of Local Authority Jobs and vacancies in Republic of Ireland and UK.



Local Government Jobs

Search for Local Government jobs from the given links.





Job descriptions of various Government Officers

To know more about the job description and typical work activities of the Local Government officer, click on,






Links to other local public organisations

Get links to other local public organisations such as Local Authorities, national parks, emergency services, regional bodies from here.


Links to different government websites

Links to various websites such as UK Central Government, UK Local Government, Other UK Government, UK Local Government Contact Details & Resources, Contact Details & Resources of UK Government Offices, Government in different regions in the UK and a lot more can be got from,



More useful resources for Local Authority staff

The following link gives information about the operations of different organisations that are found in Local Authority of UK.


Guide to Local Authorities in UK

To know in detailed about the Local Authorities in UK please visit,


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